Veronica’s Prerogative

First I need to introduce myself, I am Marko’s partner of 15 years. Mother of his 3 children and the person who keeps him fed.

When I met Marko I thought that his impulse to collect was just that an impulse. His “Collection” to me seemed very childish and a waste of money.  Why keep boxes and boxes full of comic books. 1000’s of cards. Some card Game called Magic and still in the box wrestling Figurines. Being young and in love I indulged his habit of buying the New seasons footy cards and the new toys with Kinder Surprise Eggs (I myself always got the puzzle). Simpsons cards, Marvel Cards and figurines, Pokemon Cards, Tazo’s, the cards from the Smiths Chips and his beloved Basketball Cards.

The monster was created well before I was on the scene and now Marko had to fit me into the collection.

I have slowly and I mean very slowly followed his collecting trends.  The 1st week the new footy cards come out I nod my head and fake a smile as he ooohs and ahhhs. The set is complete by the end of the week and if it isn’t he has tapped every market possible to get it finished.

I have learnt over the years what to look for in a good card. No physical damage. Signatures make them even more expensive. And getting a patch and a signature and it comes in a plastic case means more $$$$ oh and if it’s numbered well WOOO HOOO.

We have a house full a shed full of all the things that make Marko happy, minus the happiness he gets from me and the children.

Marko has tried with all his might to get me involved and interested into enjoying the fun. So I tried I have collected 4 Barbie Dolls. 1 is a mint in box Marilyn Monroe (which is bequeathed to the kids) the other 3 were Christmas pressies. Easy as to collect the dolls. I also have a Marilyn Monroe set which was Marko’s way of trying to get me hooked it was very impressive in its folder and all in order.

I have seen him fuss, fiddle, count, box, unbox. Admire, Boast, share and downright just enjoy every one of his cards and figurines, cricket bats, shoes and basketball ect…

He smiles showing the kids at basketball (he coaches 3 days a week) he makes up little packs tailored to the kids and uses them as rewards at training. He is out there getting the next generation of collector’s excited and interested and showing them the infinite universe of possibilities available.

Although I am no Indiana Jones when it comes to collecting, I can now say that Marko really does live and breathe collecting and that he has been this way for nearing 3 decades. So be prepared for me to be putting my two cents in from time to time. Wright or wrong, that’s my prerogative …..thanks Britney.



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