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East Coast Collectibles is the brain child of Marko and Veronica Conjar with the ultimate goal of building Australia’s best online trading card store.

Marko has been collecting cards and memorabilia for as long as he can remember and longer than Veronica and Marko have been together. This history and Marko’s passion for sport particularly Basketball make Marko an authority in the card collecting industry.  Of course Veronica may have an ulterior motive for helping Marko find an outlet for his passion and it could be to regain some of the garage LOL.

Our website will provide information on all sorts of trading cards and memorabilia and our shop will be the go to place for all manner of trading cards including Rugby League cards, Aussie Rules cards, Soccer Cards, Rugy Union cards, Basketball cards, Cricket cards, Hockey cards and Golf cards and US favorites NBA Basketball cards, NFL Football cards, NHL Hockey cards and UFC MMA cards.  Our shop will also stock from time to time gaming card favorites magic cards, Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and of course our Comics favorites being Marvel comics, DC comics, Phantom comics and others.

We will also have some special memorabilia items including Figurines, autographed memorabilia and pop culture.

When Marko is not thumbing through his prized possessions you will find him spending time with his three children or coaching junior basketball down at the local YMCA in Hervey Bay.


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