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2014-2015 NBA Season Rookie Watch

Well it’s been an exciting start to the NBA season, and it’s been a while since we’ve had so many top notch rookies to cheer for. This season’s jam pack rookie roll is sure to impress, but with so much talent on offer, who do you focus on? Which young blood do you add to the old PC (personal collection)?

Not everyone was fortunate enough to watch the NCAA Basketball tournament, or watch the countless hours of pre-draft videos or scouting reports of these budding young stars. So unless you intend to watch each rookie play a few games and then make that ever so important educated decision.

Here is my 2 cents.

I’m going to give a rookie run down according to MC (that’s me).

Ok, so I’m not going to bore you all with irrelevant info and copious amounts of stats. Just rattle off a few rookies that I think are worth a look.

Now, opinions may vary and favorites may have already been selected, and if I don’t mention a player, that doesn’t mean I think they aren’t a quality player. It just means they aren’t in MY top picks.

So with that being said, here are a bunch of players I’ll be keeping my eye on.

-In no particular order-

Andrew Wiggins & Jabari Parker

Picks 1 and 2 in the draft.

Ok. Well there is no surprise there. These two guys are the most NBA ready players in the rookie class.

Both have arrived at teams that will require big time minutes from there picks, and instant impacts. With the roles these two have on their respected teams, I predict they will be the fore runners in the ROY race (rookie of the year). Parker brings the extra scoring punch the Bucks need, and Jabari and Giannis together should bring great things for years to come. If O.J. Mayo returns to his former best, the Bucks will not have seen a team like this since, Robinson Allen and Baker. Let’s hope these three can take the franchise a little further into the post season.

Now Wiggins and the CAVS….oops….T-Wolves. Although I wasn’t a fan of the trade, I actually think it will be more beneficial to his game. Andrews’s athleticism, and his ability to quickly adapt to the NBA fast paced style of play, will come in handy for the T-Wolves and his rookie year will be a strong and sound one. But! I can’t help but think he will go the K Love way. 2 or 3 seasons in Minnesota, and on to greener pastures. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Elfrid Payton & Aaron Gordon

Picks 10 and 4 in the draft.

The future is bright for Orlando, these two rookies bring two main things to the magic, Excitement and

Excitement. Payton is a pass first point guard who brings the will to win and hard-nosed defense to the team, oh, and an awesome hair do. While Gordon offers strength and athleticism. What I hope to see from these two is some sort of Kemp Payton connection develop. Throw in another two flourishing young talents in Victor Oladipo and Nikola Vucevic, and that gives the Magic a four punch combo to give opposing defense nightmares for years to come.

Doug McDermott

Pick 11 in the draft

When Doug McBuckets was drafted 11th overall by the Denver Nuggets, I felt a little sadden. Doug was my new PC player for the season and this was not the team I was hoping for. But then, moments after, the rain clouds subsided and a heavenly light Shon down on me. It couldn’t have gone any better, the Nuggets made a draft day trade and sent my man Doug to the Chicago Bulls. Not only was this good for dough and myself, but great for the bulls.

McDermott is one of three players in NCAA men’s basketball history to have 3,000 points and 1,000 rebounds. He also set an NCAA record by scoring in double figures in 135 games. He won the big east player of the year, and the US college player of the year, led the nation in scoring with an average of 26pts per game and was named to the 2014 USA select team. Doug brings a deep perimeter shooting ability and sound defense, and a well-rounded scoring ability, weather its slashing to the basket, spotting up for 3 or creating his own shots with the ball in his hand.

Big things expected….ROY watch list. (If he get the minutes)

Dante Exum

Pick 5 in the draft

When Dante was selected to represent Australia at the world under 20’s tournament, he tore it up, and managed to catch the eye of many NBA scouts and big wigs. The hype surrounding him going into the draft, had people all around the world talking. Was he going to be able to cope with the NBA game? Was he tough enough, did he have enough talent and skill to match it in the big leagues? Or, was he going to be a bust? The summer league gave us all a glimpse of what we are in for, a natural passing point guard who has a soft tough around the basket, with a good mid-range jumper and at 6’6 has the length that is shore to cause problems at the point for many opposing teams. Even though he hasn’t exploded onto the scene, the improvement in his game and confidence can be seen in each passing game. All Aussie ballers should keep a close eye on the Jazz in the coming seasons. With 2 Aussies on the team in Dante and Joe Ingles or Jingles as we like to call him, it’s clear that Utah recognize Australian talent.

So, who do think will win the Rookie of The Year? I’d love Doug McBuckets to receive the honor,

But I think court time will be a factor for him. So I think Wiggins will take out that award.

There are quite a few other players I haven’t mentioned that have potential, this was just a spiel of my few selections.

Looking forward to a very exciting season.

Cheers MC (Marko Conjar)

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